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Revised 28 May 2012

Copyright © 2002–2017 by Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems

Summary: Following are the terms of license for this release of {PROGRAM}. These terms apply to you whether or not you register the software.

Contact: Please address queries, bug reports, and suggested improvements to:
Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems
stan (at) oakroadsystems (dot) com


1. Trial Period and Registration

This product is copyrighted shareware, not public-domain software. You may use the unregistered version at no charge for an evaluation period of 30 days only. To continue to use the software beyond the 30-day evaluation period, you must register it.

The “must” in the previous paragraph is a legal and moral must, not an engineering must. This software is not time limited in any way. When you register you eliminate the registration reminder, and gain one or two extra features (“{PROGRAM} /? | more” for details).

To register, see “How to Pay” below.

2. Registration Categories

2.1  Individual Registration

Individual registration at the current price, as shown on the Web site <>, entitles one user to use {PROGRAM} forever, both the current release and any future releases; see “Upgrades”, below. It also gives priority in response to questions or bug reports.

Feel free to install {PROGRAM} on multiple computers that you use regularly, provided that no more than one of those computers is in use at any one time and no other person will be making significant use of it on those computers. (If several people will be using {PROGRAM}, please see “Site License” immediately below for discounts.)

You may make copies of the registered version of {PROGRAM} for backup or archival use, but you may not give copies to anyone else.

2.2  Site License

A company or other organization(*) may purchase a site license at a discount under the single-copy price. If you wish, we will send you an invoice or site certificate for your records, either on paper or by e-mail.

(*)By “company or other organization” is meant a single legal entity operating under a single name at a single location, or a single government office at a single location. Multiple branches or subsidiaries normally need separate licenses, unless other terms are negotiated.

A site license at the current price, as shown on the Web site <>, entitles the licensed number of users at your licensed location(s) to use {PROGRAM} forever, both the current release and any future releases; see “Upgrades”, below. It also gives priority in response to questions or bug reports.

As long as the total number of users does not exceed the licensed number, you may:

If you need to add users after purchasing a license, you will receive 100% credit for your prior individual or site license.

You may not give copies of the registered version of {PROGRAM} to anyone outside the organization and location(s) that licensed it. Your subcontractors, agents, and consultants may not install {PROGRAM} on their computers under your site license, but should purchase their own or use it on your computers.

2.3  Source Code

The source-code license covers one release of the source code. If you license the source code, we will make future releases available to you gratis or at reduced prices, depending on the extent of the changes. This pricing will be at our sole discretion.

If you purchase a site license and also purchase source code, you pay for just one copy of source code. You can distribute the source code within your organization to any or all of the users covered by the site license.

The source code is presently in ISO/ANSI C and compiles in Microsoft Visual C/C++, but we reserve the right to change compilers or programming languages.

If you license the source code, you may examine it and also modify and recompile it for your own use. The modified code must bear this legend or one substantially identical:

developed from code by Stan Brown, Oak Road Systems;
portions Copyright {YEAR} Oak Road Systems

You must not sell or otherwise distribute the {PROGRAM} source code or any derivative products without our agreement in advance.

If you make a substantial improvement in the source code and offer it to us for inclusion in the product, and we accept it, we will refund all or a part of your license fee. The decision whether to incorporate the changes, and the amount of refund, will be in our sole discretion.

3. How to Pay

You may pay either on line or by mailing a payment to Oak Road Systems.

3.1  Payment on Line

You may find it most convenient to pay on line by credit card or other means (including PayPal). Please see the “buy online” links at <>.

You can buy individual licenses or a site license. (Source code can be purchased only directly from Oak Road Systems.) You will receive a prompt e-mail with a secure link for downloading the code from the Web.

(The on-line payment system is not set up to upgrade the number of users on a site license. Please e-mail us at stan (at) oakroadsystems (dot) com to arrange payment.)

3.2  Direct Payment

To mail your payment to Oak Road Systems, please print REGISTER.TXT or SITEREG.TXT, fill in the blanks, and enclose it with your payment. (Make sure you are printing the file from the latest version of {PROGRAM}; see <> for version information.) As soon as payment is received, we will e-mail you a link to download your purchase from the Web.

If that is not convenient, we will be happy to make other reasonable arrangements.

We can accept these forms of direct payment:

If your check is dishonored by your bank for any reason, you agree to make the check good and to pay the fee charged by our bank.

Sorry, non-US checks can be accepted on line only; please see “Payment on Line” above. We can’t accept non-US checks directly because local banks charge punitive fees for converting them.

3.3  Refunds

By its nature, shareware is “try before you buy”, and the question of refunds should not arise. In extraordinary circumstances, we may grant a refund, in our sole discretion and withholding an amount to cover our costs.

4. Redistributing {PROGRAM}

You are free to distribute unmodified copies of {PROGRAM}, under these conditions:

  1. Distribute only the unregistered version. The registered version (file name ending RG.ZIP) and the source code (file name ending SR.ZIP) are for your own use only, or for the number of users stated in your site license.

  2. You must supply either the original ZIP file or the entire unpacked contents of the ZIP file. If you supply the unpacked contents of the ZIP file, the files for {PROGRAM} must be in a separate subdirectory on the distribution medium.

  3. Your documentation must explain prominently that this is shareware, that a more recent release may be available on line, and that the user must purchase a registration from Oak Road Systems, as explained in the program documentation.

  4. The total price of a compilation (such as a CD-ROM) that includes {PROGRAM} must be no more than US $1 per package in the compilation.

You may redistribute {PROGRAM} under these terms even if you have not registered it yourself.

5. Support for {PROGRAM}

Support is available via e-mail at stan (at) oakroadsystems (dot) com. We’re sorry, but at the given fees for registration it is not economical for us to provide free phone support. Phone support may be negotiated in advance with a site license.

All registered users: We guarantee that we will respond to the best of our ability, and as promptly as is reasonably possible, to all reasonable queries from registered users.

Site licensees: Your users should feel free to e-mail questions to us directly. It’s never yet happened, but if we get a very large volume of support queries from users at one site, we may need to ask that site to designate one user as contact point to receive inquiries from other users and filter out the duplicates.

Unregistered users: We intend to respond to your queries, but we will naturally give priority to registered users.

6. Upgrades to {PROGRAM}

Program upgrades are announced on our Web page <> and to our mailing list of registered users. As a registered user, you can choose not to receive e-mail notices; in that case you’ll want to monitor the Web page.

The evaluation version of a program upgrade can be downloaded from <>. Registered users on our mailing list receive a time-limited URL for downloading the registered upgrade. If you miss the window or have chosen not to receive e-mail notices, e-mail us your license number or the date you registered, within 30 days of the new release, and we will e-mail it to you.

Oak Road Systems cannot be responsible for lost, bounced, or misdirected e-mail. If you want e-mail notice of upgrades, it is your responsibility to make sure we have a working e-mail address for you.

The user guide is sometimes updated between program releases. You can download the new version from the Web page <>.

For source code upgrades, please see “Source Code” above.

Suggestions for new features or other improvements will be gratefully received and given careful consideration. When you offer suggestions, you give Oak Road Systems full permission to make any use of them that we see fit.

7. Warranty for {PROGRAM}

We will gratefully receive defect reports related to the software or documentation. Though we certainly intend to fix all reported bugs, we do not guarantee to do so.

The software and documentation for {PROGRAM} are offered AS IS and WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY express or implied, including but not limited to warranty of design, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event shall we be liable for any incidental, indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting from your use of or inability to use the software or documentation, even if we or our representative have been advised of the possibility of such damages.

In no event will our total liability to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action, whether in contract, tort (including negligence), or otherwise, exceed the amount paid by you for the software, exclusive of handling charges, commissions, and currency conversion fees.

8. Controlling Law

This license shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the jurisdiction where Oak Road Systems is located at the time. Any dispute arising out of this license shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts there. (Since August 2004, Oak Road Systems has been located in Tompkins County, New York, USA.)

Any finding by a court that any provision of this license is invalid for a particular jurisdiction shall not affect any other provision of this license.

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